Notable Craft: Pom Pom Creatures


What’ll You’ll need:

  • pipe cleaners
  • pom poms (variable sizes)
  • craft foam paper
  • craft sticks
  • googly eyes
  • scissors 
  • glue
  • a little imagination

note: feel free to use or substitute other items as well. We used

the craft items we had handy. Be creative and have fun!



How we made this frog:

1. We glued four (4) tiny green pom poms to the
    bottom of one (1) large green pom pom.
2. We glued two (2) tiny green pom poms to the top of the same
    large green pom pom and then glued small googly
    eyes to those two pom poms.
3. I cut a long narrow strip from some left over red “foam paper”,
    curled it a bit by rolling it up, and then glued it to the large green
    pom pom to make a fun tongue.
4. Using a brown marker (any dark color will do), we marked off 

the frogs nostrils.

After a few minutes of drying, voila: a fun frog to enjoy!



How we made this butterfly:

1. We glued one (1) large pink and one (1) large purple pom pom

onto a craft stick. (We didn’t really have to do this. We could have

just glued the pom poms to each other but thought the stick

would add some stability and a fun puppet like feature to the


2. We took two( 2) pipe cleaners, pink and glittery purple and twisted

and looped them around each other to create wings. We glued the

wings to the top and middle of the two pom poms.

3. We then glued two (2) googly eyes to the pink pom pom.

We let our butterfly dry for a bit and then it was ready to flutter

around the house.



How we made this fish:

1. We glued two (2) tiny yellow pom poms to the side of one (1)

large yellow pom pom.

2. We “gently” compressed (smashed) the large yellow

pom pom as we wrapped half of one (1) glittery blue pipe cleaner

around it to create stripes on the body of the fish. Using half a pipe

cleaner resulted in two stripes on one side of our fish but only

one strip on the other – not a problem for us, but you may want

to adjust the length depending on your desired outcome.

3. We glued one (1) large googly eye to each side of our fish.

Before long, our little fishy was a happy little swimmer.

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