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Teachable Moment: Black History Month and Beyond – Alfred L. Cralle

Every time you enjoy a scoop of ice cream from your favorite shop or even your freezer door, think of Alfred L. Cralle – the inventor of the ice cream scoop.

For this teachable moment you’ll need:

  • a container of ice cream (keep frozen until everything is set up)
  • serving bowls or ice cream cones
  • an ice cream scoop
  • various utensils: spoon, fork, etc.

Set out bowls or cones for serving ice cream.

Depending on the age of your children, either let them attempt or demonstrate the challenge of using different utensils to scoop out the ice cream from the container. Be creative and have fun! You could try using a spoon, fork, butter knife, spatula or even chopsticks – if you have some handy! Finally, use your ice cream scoop to contrast the ease of getting the ice cream out with this particular tool versus the other utensils.

To be fair, try not to let the ice cream melt too much. It’s best to see the ice cream scoop in action with hard frozen ice cream.

You can then ask your children if any of them knows who came up with the great idea for the ice cream scoop?

Of course, they’ll think it was one of their awesome parents but, you’ll have to be honest and humbly decline the credit, admitting that it, surprisingly, was not your creation.

Tell them we can, however, thank Alfred L. Cralle for this helpful creation.

Enjoy your ice cream!