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Goal Getters Challenge #1- Crochet Baby Shoes

Update: Did I succeed in the challenge or buckle under the pressure?

I grabbed my tools, set up the video, and set off to crochet those cute baby shoes featured below.

H hook


J hook


Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Medium 4 yarn



After a couple of hours this is what I had accomplished:


Unfortunately, I had grossly underestimated the skill required to create those cute little shoes 🙁I needed a major refresh course on some (all) of those basic stitches.

Before I was ready to truly accept that truth and take the necessary steps to relearn the once familiar and learn the new stitches, I decided to make a freestyle attempt at crocheting those shoes without following the YouTube tutorial.

I present my second baby shoe attempt for your viewing pleasure:



A little better than the first attempt, right? No? Maybe? It was a perfect fit for a Build-a-Bear companion. For a baby – not so much! 

At this point I decided that I had chosen the wrong challenge. I meant to say Crochet Baby ‘Blanket’. Not ‘Shoes’. I figured my faithful blog reader(s) (hi mom!) would certainly understand that it was a simple mistake and gladly accept a baby blanket in lieu of baby shoes. 

So, with lots of yarn at my fingertips, I began crocheting a cute – simple – baby blanket. All was well…until I realized that it was getting quite late in the evening and I would have to probably complete the baby blanket in stages, little by little, each evening. Hmm… not quite what I had in mind. Maybe I was a bit lacking in patience but, I quickly decided that this baby blanket would be much better as a sweet little headband. So I made a simple headband and found a couple tutorials on how to make easy crochet flowers – especially nice for decorating headbands! I grabbed some buttons and thread and sewed the buttons and flowers onto the headband.

Simple YouTube Tutorial for crochet flowers:

Here’s the blanket turned headband:



It ended up being a little too big for a baby’s head so big sister scored a new headband! 

A few days later I decided that I still wanted to complete the challenge and reach the original goal I had set. I found a few videos to teach and relearn the basic stitches needed and I found a different baby shoe pattern online that I decided to attempt instead. Baby shoes were the goal. There was no harm in trying a different pattern. The chris-cross button baby shoes would have to wait. Bring on the simple baby booties!

Here’s a link to the pattern I used and  a few links to some of the stitch tutorials:

Free pattern

Stitch Tutorials

Here’s how my booties/baby shoes turned out:


I crocheted one pink flower and one slightly larger black flower for each shoe. I also crocheted a little black strap for each shoe. I sewed these elements on, creating a pair of booties that I’m very pleased with. Big sister has requested that I make a pair in her size! 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed my Goal Getting Journey!  


In old baby pictures, you may see my sisters and I wearing beautiful crocheted dresses and sweaters lovingly crafted by our dear mother.

A little over a year ago, I learned that a sweet friend of mine had learned to crochet and was creating lovely items for herself and others. I had been considering learning to crochet myself around that time, and with her kind encouragement, I decided  I would attempt to teach myself the craft.

Well, after a few you tube videos, I started to get the hang of it. I created a few items for my family. I called them scarves however, I’m not convinced that everyone would agree with this label 🙂 Admittedly, they were not very neat or uniform but, I just accepted my crochet style as more ‘organic’. Each piece was definitely unique!

Now, with baby number four due in May, I’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to revisit the crochet craft. I would love to crochet a pair of sweet pink (can you guess what we’re having?) baby shoes for our little blessing!

Maybe you’re expecting a little blessing of your own? Or, you have a friend or relative with a baby on the way or a newborn? How about joining me in this challenge?

Whether you know how to crochet or not, it will be a fun goal to achieve: who can deny or resist the cute factor of baby sized clothing and accessories!?!

Even if there are no babies in your life right now, you could always create a pair of baby shoes to donate to your local hospital’s nursery. I imagine it would be a welcome gesture of kindness.

You tube has proven to be a great resource in learning new skills so, I’ll be following this How to crochet baby Shoes tutorial video:

The instructor in the video gives a list of materials and basic information as well as provides a link to access a written pattern for these shoes (click show more under the about blurb).

Here are the key items she mentions that you will need for this project:

  • Medium Worsted Weight Yarn – 10 ply (9 wpi) 
  • 1 – 3 yards (1 – 3 m)
  • 5.0 mm (H)

Feel free to use this video, search for another, or use a book or a pattern you already have.

Although I’ll be using my Goal Tracker Journal to help me accomplish the challenge and achieve this fun goal, it’s not necessary that you have one to participate in this challenge.

Let’s go get this goal together and accomplish this March Challenge!

Are you joining in with me? Are you crocheting for yourself or planning to give your hand crafted baby shoes as a gift?